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Are you an apple picker or a tree shaker?

The answer to this question is how we got started. 

Many women have found themselves passively waiting for the fruit to fall from the tree instead of shaking that tree and claiming their prize. 

We are on a mission to prove that you can shake the tree and still be kind, respected, and leverage your abilities to succeed.


We are Juanita and Nisi and we are the founders of Tree Shaker Podcast. We started this podcast to be a platform to reach women that needed to hear the truth. The truth about success, failure, parenting, opposition, sexism, health, business, finances... You name it. We wanted them to hear how other women that have had similar experiences have pulled through. We believe once you remove yourself from the isolating thoughts of"it's just happening to me" and listen to other women that are living or have lived similar stories, you find hope.